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A brief respite...
Katie and Jeff are taking a couple of weeks off to get some rest, and to place some of our rescue animals. Until then, enjoy our Healthy Chowhounds "blooper reel," featuring the four rescue kitties, who provide a lot of entertainment (and exasperation!).

Special thanks to Charles King for allowing us to use his tune, "Mamasita" in this episode! You can show your support for Healthy Chowhounds by visiting all our friends' sites, and letting them know you enjoy their work. Thank you!

Next Episode: Dairy Foods (available Wednesday, 7/16/2008)

These little guys and gals are so new, they don't have names! As Katie was shooting some video at Farmer White's horse barn, she found herself surrounded by four adorable brown tabby kittens. Unfortunately, the barn is very close to a road that has a fair amount of speeding traffic. So with Farmer White's permission, Katie was able to take these cuties home with her.

On Monday, June 16, she is having them all spayed/neutered, and having their vaccinations given. She's getting up early to drive an hour away, to take all four (plus Angus, below) to a low-cost vet to have all these vital services performed at her own expense.

If you want to help defray Katie's expenses, click here.

This is Dirty Angus McGee. As you can see, he's a healthy boy of about 10-12 months of age, and he really needs his shots and neutering. Skittish when he first arrived at Shaggy Dog Farms back in April, Angus is now a very lovable and sociable cat. He would rather be petted than eat... although that's a close tie. Angus will also be heading to the vet on 6/16 to have his health concerns addressed.

Thanks for visiting our site, and any help you can give is always appreciated!

Check back soon for updates on their progress!


Our friend in Nashville, Camilla, fosters animals awaiting adoption. She works with the St. Francis Animal Welfare Group locally, and she has a beautiful dog, Maxx, who really needs a home.

Maxx has all his shots, and has been neutered, and is house trained.

If you know anyone in the Nashville, TN area who might like to make Maxx a member of their family, please pass this link along!